Improving B2B Customer eXperience

Accept offer a B2B-solution that provides your company with a systematic method to categorize, analyze and act on data in real time. We will help you identify the root cause, improve processes and train your people in how to consciously improve customer experience

Voice of Customer

Accept offers a unique B2B solution for sustainable growth with our Voice of Customer - Monetized Net Promoter System.

Voice of Process

Using Customer eXperience data to analyze and identify root cause, provides input to improve processes critical to customer loyalty.

Voice of Employee

Change often requires new skills. Our on-boarding and training solutions drive employee engagement and improve management practices.

By the numbers


"of all companies compete primarily with customer experience"

Gartner 2020


"of all CEOs believe their company delivers an outstanding customer experience"

"Only 8% of their customers agree"

Bain & Co 2020


"Only 13% of customers believe a sales person can understand their needs"

Brevet Group 2019


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Nordic Media House
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Growth via Monetized Net Promoter System

Nordic media house with Print, Radio, and Online solutions.

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"The training programs provided and implemented by Accept has contributed to making our sales people being ranked among the best in the industry"
Peter Himmer, CEO, Kia Motors Sweden